Clinique de denturologie Domenic Lussier: Denturology AND DENTAL PROSTHESIS REPAIR SERVICES

For the beauty of your smile in Sherbrooke: dental prosthesis repair and other denturology services

A wide range of products and services is available to meet your needs.

Free consultation!

There is a dental solution for everyone, it is above all to consult. The consultations are always free of charge. Doménic Lussier works closely with dentists and specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery. It offers a repair service in 1 hour as well as an emergency service.

Denture Repair in Sherbrooke

Your dental prosthesis broke? Do not try to patch it yourself and have the reflex to consult your denturologist. Whether it's a crack, a damaged tooth or even a denture broken in half, we'll be able to fix it. For any breaks, the repair of your dental prosthesis will be done at our clinic and will take about 1 hour.

To repair your dental prosthesis in Sherbrooke, call the Domenic Lussier Denturology Clinic.