Clinique de denturologie Domenic Lussier: SERVICE TO KEEP A PROSTHESIS IN GOOD CONDITION

Service to keep a prosthesis in good condition


Relining retains a prosthesis that is in good condition but has become inadequate. People who wear dentures are more exposed to the problem of gingival recession since lack of stimulation tends to atrophy the alveolar bone. This is why it is very important to regularly check the stability of your prosthesis by a denturologist!

To fill the space formed over time, we can reline the prosthesis, which prolongs its life. For patients with increased sensitivity to the lower jawbones, the Center of Denturology suggests a soft base. It has a lower risk of injury, thus contributing to better masticatory function and better speech. However, it is recommended to replace this type of prosthesis every two years for reasons of hygiene.

For more information on rebasing, please contact our staff.