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Smile confidently and find your smile again thanks to the specialist of the denturology clinic Doménic Lussier d.d. of Sherbrooke. Since 1997, it welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere and meets your needs.

Romantic Couple

Doménic Lussier, your denturist!

At every moment of our lives, we are interacting with other people and it is important to show ourselves in our best light. In public, first eye contact is decisive. This same touch can change the course of our lives, which is why it is important to take care of our smile. 

A passionate denturist!
Doménic does more than a job of aesthetics, it gives you confidence and allows you to smile with confidence. He is passionate about his discipline and does not hesitate to put his knowledge to the benefit of the needs of his customers.

 Laboratory on site!
Doménic Lussier offers a wide range of services to meet all your needs. His on-site laboratory is a major asset to his work and allows him to offer you even more services and related products.

Grand-père et Grandchild Avoir du plaisi

His goal: to make sure you are satisfied!
Smile again!

Listening to your desires and using the most modern techniques in denturology, Doménic Lussier makes you benefit from his experience.

High quality service!
Whether complete, partial or implanted, your prostheses deserve the intervention of a specialist. Doménic is committed to offering you the best denturology service while remaining attentive to your requirements and needs. Whatever the problem, there is always a solution.

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Monday: 9h - 17h

Tuesday: 9h - 17h

Wednesday: 9h - 17h
Thursday: 9h - 19h
Friday: 9h - noon
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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