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Quality and reliability

For the beauty of your smile, we offer various services such as repairs, relining, evaluation requests and insurance requests. In addition, you can consult our general tips tab in order to maintain a good oral routine.

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For the beauty of your smile

  • A wide range of products and services are offered to meet your needs.


Doménic Lussier works closely with dentists and oral surgery specialists. It offers a repair service in 1 hour as well as an emergency service. Has your dentures broken? Do not try to patch it up yourself and have the reflex to consult your denturist. Whether it is a crack, a damaged tooth or even a dentures broken in half, we will be able to repair.  

For the repair of your dental prosthesis in Sherbrooke, call the Doménic Lussier denturology clinic.

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It is almost always possible to repair a denture. That said, it is very important for the patient to never try to glue the breakage with glue or any other product. Repaired in this way, the prosthesis may break again and may no longer be repairable. I therefore suggest that you contact our clinic as soon as possible to properly carry out the repair.

It is strongly recommended to always keep your old prostheses because, in the event of a breakage during a weekend, you can then use them until your new prosthesis is repaired. It is certain that these will not be as well adapted as your current prostheses, but with a little prosthetic adhesive (Poli-Grip or Fixodent) you will then be able to work temporarily.


All repairs are carried out on site in our laboratory in about an hour. In some cases, it happens that the breakage is irreparable so we advise you to renew your prosthesis. 

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Relining makes it possible to preserve a prosthesis that is in good condition, but whose fit has become inadequate. People who wear dentures are more exposed to the problem of gum recession since the lack of stimulation tends to atrophy the alveolar bone. This is why it is very important to regularly check the stability of your prosthesis by a denturist! 


With time, a space is created between the gum and the prostesis. We can fill this space which makes it possible to extend its life. For patients with increased sensitivity to the lower jaws, we suggests a soft base. This carries a lower risk of injury, thus helping to improve chewing function and promote better speech. However, it is recommended to substitute this type of prosthesis every two years for reasons of hygiene. 


For more information about relining, we invite you to inquire with our staff.

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  • Rinse your mouth after each meal.

  • Clean your denture thoroughly.

  • Gently brush all surfaces with a denture brush.

  • Remove your prosthesis in the evening to let your gums and mouth rest

  • Clean your gums.

  • Soak your denture overnight in warm water or a product recommended by your denturist.

  • We suggest that you do an annual check-up with your denturist. The consultation is free of charge and determines if the prosthesis needs adjustment, repair or replacement.

  • Generally, it is recommended to change the prostheses every five years.

  • A period of adjustment is to be expected. The lower denture often causes more discomfort. The first meals can be a little difficult but you will adapt gradually.

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