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A proven method!

In the complete absence of teeth, the use of a dental prosthesis is the most common method. It allows you to replace the teeth and of course to find all the aesthetics of your smile. Doménic encourages you to contact him for a personalized approach to your denturology needs.



The removable complete denture, commonly known as dentures, is a device for replacing natural teeth. We say removable complete prosthesis because it replaces all the teeth and can be removed from the mouth for daily maintenance or simply to sleep. 

Les types de prothèses: Bienvenue
Les types de prothèses: Bienvenue


If you have a treatment plan with your dentist and the loss of natural teeth is imminent, partial acrylic dentures will help you fill the gaps in one or more missing teeth. Its manufacture is fast, it is often used temporarily and some people even use it long-term. If you are likely to lose more teeth, acrylic prosthesis is recommended.

Ancre métallique


This type of dentures are used to replace missing natural teeth. This is held with hooks on the healthy teeth always in place allowing a good stability of the prosthesis. It is composed mainly of chromium and cobalt making it strong, light and easy to maintain. Metal partial dentures are suitable for both the upper and lower maxilla. 



The immediate denture is an advantageous solution available to you if you need a first dental prosthesis. Put in the mouth as soon as the natural teeth are extracted, it saves you from waiting for your gums to heal to receive your prosthesis and allows you to return to work more quickly with a smile. It provides protection of oral tissues, limits bleeding, allows uniform healing and helps to better pronounce and chew.

This type of prosthesis must be designed before the extraction of your natural teeth: contact us!

Les types de prothèses: Bienvenue


Cavities, periodontics and trauma are the main causes of the loss of one or more teeth. When the total dentition is affected, the alveolar bone tends to atrophy. 

This is followed by certain changes in physiognomy (thinning of the lips, appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, etc.). 

To remedy this problem, implants are a solution of choice. In addition, removable prostheses on implants have many advantages:

  • Preservation of jaw bone mass

  • Superior durability and comfort to the removable prosthesis

  • Increased stability, which promotes better chewing of food

  • Simplified cleaning considering that we can remove the prosthesis


Personalized and professional service,

at the Doménic Lussier denturology clinic, you benefit from the advice of a seasoned professional for prostheses that suit the morphology of your face.

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Les types de prothèses: Bienvenue


Rediscover the pleasure of eating well and smiling!

Used mainly for the lower prosthesis, the soft base is a cushion that is part of your prosthesis. Since it is more porous, the soft base adheres better to your gum, improves stability in the mouth and irritates your mucous membranes less.

Your denturists listening!

Do you have any specific questions about the soft base? Our courteous and dynamic denturist is at the service of your requirements, do not hesitate to contact him today.

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Les types de prothèses: Bienvenue
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